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Press Statement On The Betrayal Of Justice By Some Commissioners Of The ERSTWHILE TRC Of Liberia


THE International Justice Group (IJG) condemns in its strongest term, the unholy union of some Commissioners of the Erstwhile Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia (TRC) to undermine the pursuit of justice in Liberia by attempting to shield murderers and criminals from justice under the subterfuge of “clarifying” the work of the TRC.

We view the public statements appearing in local Liberian media outlets as an act of cowardice in deception, misinformation, corruption and bribery as a shameful act displayed by these Commissioners to undermine the work of the TRC and calls for the full implementation of the TRC Report, especially the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court for Liberia.

In doing the bidding for former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President George M Weah and acting under the commands of City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, from whom they received bribes, these commissioners, especially Commissioner Massa Washington, an acclaimed female activist who headed the women’s program of the TRC didn’t see it fit to at any time condemn the increasing rate of violence against women in Liberia and the attempted murder of Jestina Taylor by Mayor Jefferson Koijee, but sought it fit to leave her sanctuary in the USA, rush to the summons of Mayor Koijee to defend his indefensible name as he prepares to visit the USA with a copy of the Frontpage Africa Newspaper in his hands as evidence of exoneration – a thoughtless publicity stunt!

IJG is not the TRC

The IJG is a private international nongovernmental organization(INGO) and the TRC a public independent or autonomous governmental organization(IGO). The TRC completed its work and filed its report with the Government of Liberia (GOL) over ten years ago and the IJG was established few years ago to campaign for the full implementation of the TRC Recommendations, including the establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court and foster continuing investigations into egregious human rights violations, including war crimes and crimes against humanity as Mayor Koijee has proved culpable and stands accused.

attemptingto undermine the pursuit of justice in Liberia by shielding

February 5, 2021
Washington DC

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